Life in Berlin: Pitching Up

Life in Berlin: Pitching Up

I have always been too shy to toot my own horn.

And I can’t say if it’s a nice thing.

Real life evidence says, it’s not.

Because unless you tell about yourself, how will others know who you really are, and what stuff you’re made of?

Sometimes, it’s even necessary to toot your own horn to yourself. Yeah, because while we may all pretend to be Iron Man as soon as we step out of the house and meet other humans, the fact is, much too often we all cry ourselves to sleep after having cried under the shower.

And that’s ok – well, the crying part is ok, not the Iron Man part because I believe in authenticity (even in business, yes!).

It’s in these times that it’s ok to toot your own horn to yourself, and let yourself know that you’re doing just fine.

So, coming back to some horn-tooting WITH AUTHENTICITY 🙂

You know, I help people talk about their business (or idea) in a way that’s easily understandable to others and even excites others to support your business. You know that, right?

I analyse your business / your project / your idea; then, evaluate your target market and a lot of other factors; evaluate your personality; and then, help you create a unique business story and pitch that your market will NEVER forget. I help you write and speak it like the boss you are!

So, I was doing one of little consulting sessions that I do here and NPR Berlin 104,1 FM radio station decided to cover it!


It was slightly scary to have someone else sit & listen to my consulting session – which is serious work for me – and even record it.

And here it is where they finally released it. Haha!

It’s kinda funny to be referred to as “Singhal”, I must admit.


You can hear it here:

Let me know what you think 🙂