When People Believe Your Product Isn’t Really That Important

When People Believe Your Product Isn’t Really That Important

Do you hate the silence?

Once you’ve told them about your product/service, you expect people will be excited, their eyes will twinkle, and they’ll take your phone number, and rush to buy from you, and refer you to everyone they know!

But mostly it could be that they look blankly at you and ask: So what do you exactly do?
What the hell does exactly even mean by the way!

Or the whack on the other cheek:
They just look at you blankly and say, “Nice.”
And then follows the silence…. and then some awkward questions and move on.

How do you like that feeling?

When people don’t believe that your product is really that necessary in their lives,
..when they think their lives are “already too full”,
..when they think ‘meh’ after your pitch….
..which can happen a lot, since we are all bombarded with too many new products and apps far too many times every single day, and a lot of them, yes seem to be so niche they’re almost laughable.

If this is happening with you, then the problem may not always be with your product itself.

The problem may be with your pitch.

How people think about your product is hugely dependent also on the words you use to describe your product. Words of the pitch are the signposts which give your customers a direction in which to think & believe.

But the pitch is not only about words.

It is not about finding fancy flowery thesaurus words.

It is not about using the words like ‘digital retreat’ instead of ‘eBook’. It is not about that! Don’t ever think that a pitch is about that. Not on your deck. Not on your website. Not on your landing page. Nope.

Rather, it’s about finding the right words.

Right words means going deep down and teasing out the really real fun part and communicating that.

It involves understanding the transformation process, your customers, their lives, their thoughts.

For example:

A taxi service is not a taxi service. It’s ensuring that you ALWAYS have comfortable, safe and reasonable transportation in the city anytime you need. So that you can go back to your family effortlessly after work and put your baby to sleep.

There are different ways of teasing out your meaning for your pitch. I am explaining some below. (To understand this even better, ask me for a 30-minute appointment).

One technique is the Why? technique. It’s also called the So what? technique. In this technique you start with basically describing your product. Write it down. Then keep asking ‘So what?’ until your answer and description keeps getting better & clearer.

Second technique that can get you rolling at least for the beginning part is to simply explain what is happening to someone (this someone is the customer) that he may actually sit at his computer and google for some advice about it. What is it that you can do for him. Try to approach this point from a place of absolute neutrality, ie, don’t let your love for your product blind you when thinking about this.

Does this help?