When Every Fishing Company is the Same Fishing Company… When You’re Not Unique

When Every Fishing Company is the Same Fishing Company… When You’re Not Unique

How would a fisherman ever be able to charge much higher price for his fish than the other fisherman, his neighbour, who also fishes in the same waters and sells the same fish in the same market to the same customers?

Multiply this with 10, assuming these are not the only 2 fishermen guys in town. Surely not.

When every fishing company is the same fishing company…

It’s really kinda annoying when all the advice you hear about pitching, branding, marketing and sales is tell your customer about your UNIQUE point.

This UNIQUE Selling Proposition advice sometimes is just NOT valid. Because sometimes, you really are not that unique in a market, right?

Like, in a fashion business or in food business. What if, you’re a trader – you buy & you sell – just like all of your competitors. Then what can be special about your pitch/copy? There’s very limited possibility there no matter what the “gurus” say.

So what do you do about your pitch here?

First of all: Understand the purpose of a pitch

Second: Set goals. What do you want your pitch to achieve


Shift the focus away from the product. Because everyone’s got the same product. Don’t make it a product business then.

I know I am raising more questions than I am answering. Here’s your answer:

Make it a people business. You are the only one different in this equation. And so is your customer.

You are what is the only different factor for your customer when he is dealing with you and with your substitute.

Now, in real terms, how do you make it work for you?

There is a very beautiful thing to us humans..and it’s called our WHY. Our purpose. Our reasons. It’s why we do things. Its why we are who we are.

And that’s why I keep talking about integrating your WHY into your business story.

This is powerful because when people with the same purpose or reasons come together, they create powerful stuff.