What should you focus on in your business pitch

What should you focus on in your business pitch

Ever seen Birdman?

And ever seen The Fountain?

Chances are, most people would say that they’ve seen Birdman and that they looooooved it. Heck, all of its awards sweep proves how great this movie is and how much people liked it.

But The Fountain?
Chances are, you had never even heard of it until now. Even though the fact is, that this is a great movie too.

Why do some great films remain anonymous and some equally (or even less) great films become so successful?

How they present the stories to us is where the answer lies. The difference lies in the execution. 

For movies like The Fountain, filmmakers focus too much on the greatness of the product and forget the experience the viewers should have. Or even worse – and more dangerously – they think, their movie is so great that of course people will get it!

People don’t just ‘get it‘.

Hence, so many films, professionals, products remain anonymous or confuse the audience, and then the audience decides to ignore them because no one enjoys being confused.

It might be happening to your product too.

So, what do you do now?
The answer lies where you usually are tempted to say it all.

Your product pitch, that is.

I’ve seen so many business pitches, slide decks and presentations that unfortunately focus on their greatness but they do it in the wrong way. They try to show the complication of the product. How much of data and algorithm and sophisticated your product is. But this doesn’t have to come on your pitch. Because this is overwhelming information and it overwhelms by triggering the wrong buttons in us. Your product’s greatness of the experience for the customer should be on your slides.

Focus on that.