Want to pitch a rational business argument to your investors?

Want to pitch a rational business argument to your investors?

We keep talking about leaving our comfortable jobs and “taking the plunge”. You, the entrepreneurs, definitely understand this better than anyone else.

Why is it so when our jobs offer us easy lives and easy money? Sure our jobs don’t give us a challenge, an exciting growth, and neither much of recognition. But as rational beings, comfortable lives, easy money, 10% annual salary raise should be enough for us.

Why is it that you itch so much to leave all this and start our own ventures where:

  • money is not a guarantee,
  • where failure in fact is more of a guarantee than anything else,
  • where we might ultimately end up becoming a joke for friends, family and ex-colleagues?

It’s because a sense of fulfilment matters to us more than money coming in comfortably (?) Why does it still feel right?

Where’s the logic in that? Where’s our cold, hard, reason in that?

You see, what we feel is usually much stronger than how we can logically conclude it. What we feel drives us more than what we rationally recognize. How we feel sends more directing signals to our reasoning mind than vice versa. How we feel makes us. It makes all of us. Everybody.

You know it.

But you forget it. Very often. Specially when you’re pitching your business.

You forget the importance of words, of weaving a narrative, and making your audience feel what you feel about your business.

Neuroscience does prove this. People with damage in the part of the brain that feels emotions seem normal like all of us. Their logical ability works just fine, like all of ours. But what sets them apart is how they find it inexplicably challenging, nearly impossible, to take any decisions at all, even simple ones like what they would like to eat.

Freaky. But damn true.


So how does our logical ability stand in our decision making, because don’t we all think that we take rational decisions?

Well. Emotion makes our decision; our logic only justifies those decisions to us.


And that’s why you entrepreneurs must please remember to make an emotional point in your business pitches as much as a rational (money-based) one.

We like to think we are rational but we are emotional. Even the fact that we believe that we are rational shows our ego, our pride and that’s not a very logical thing to do, is it?

If you still think your words are not important for your next pitch and only reason will matter?

Try your luck, baby