Pitching Mistakes (or Brand Content Mistakes) by Wedding Planners…AND YOU TOO

Pitching Mistakes (or Brand Content Mistakes) by Wedding Planners…AND YOU TOO

Ok, I’m using wedding planners as guinea pigs here but it is applicable to you too, so read on, dearie!


Dear Wedding Planners,

When you use phrases like ‘number 1’, ‘best in town’, ‘your dream wedding’, ‘perfect wedding’, ‘best wedding planner’ on your website or in a pitch… seriously, which of these phrases do you think will put a twinkle in his/her eye and make that potential customer call you?

Which of these, do you think, will make anyone jump up in joy and immediately call you?

Which of these phrases do not also exist on your competitors’ pitches/websites?

You want to excel your competition by talking about yourself exactly the way they talk about themselves.

And then you expect to win customers. (LOL!)


So, what to do instead?

Be real.
Be authentic.

What does this annoying advice actually mean?

It means, say exactly what you wanna say to your customers in a personal sales pitch.

Do not say what you don’t really mean.

Do not just try to sell.

And definitely, do not pick up the buzzwords and phrases from the industry

Try to connect with them instead. Try to understand them.


Get your customers to tell you what they want.

Make them talk to you.


Get them to state what they’d like or help them find what they’d like.

Propose ideas.

Offer advice.

Use tools.


What tools?

Do you know you can actually make an interested onlooker discover, on your website, what kind of a wedding they and their partner would like?

And do you know when that happens, they will trust you more than anyone else to deliver exactly that kind of a wedding event?

And do you know that will also reduce most of your guesswork and give you actual answers as to what your customers really want?

And do you know this will make you look like a star?

And do you know now you’ll be able to say that you are ‘Number 1’… but guess what – you don’t need to brag that anymore 🙂 Others will say it on your behalf 🙂

And yes, you can use tools in a pitch 🙂