Pitching for Social Entrepreneurs (Lessons from The DO School, Berlin)

Pitching for Social Entrepreneurs (Lessons from The DO School, Berlin)

Ok…I’m bragging..

And why not? It was fun. I did a great job. It was an inspiring day, so hell yeah.

Alrighty right: some quick tips I noticed from training these social entrepreneurs at The DO School that may help you too in pitching yourself to ANYONE and get them jumping up and down about what you do.


Do not start with overused, done-to-death, regular phrases like “So, I’m gonna tell you a story..”



The random and regular system of preparing your pitch by telling the 5 W’s and then the How etc, do not work unless you are very clear how they’re going to make your pitchee feel. The whole reason why structure of your content is so important is that it pre-empts what the pitchee might think and answering his questions in the same sequence – a good structure reads the pitchee’s mind.



You’re not pitching for fun. We all know pitching is everything but fun – whether you’re pitching on stage to a group of investors or at a conference to potential customers or on a phone call.

So, be very clear on why you’re pitching and what exactly do you want the pitchee to do as a result of your pitch.

And state it.



No, don’t end it with “That’s it”. Don’t do that.



For social businesses, it can be great fun to tell why they’re doing what they’re doing, how it’ll change people’s lives, how their process will actually work etc, so trying to touch the heart can be more of a game-changer than trying to reach the pitchee’s mind.




Hope this helps!