How to find the exact right customers for your business through your pitch and content

How to find the exact right customers for your business through your pitch and content

It took me and generally takes many others a long time to establish some self-respect in their own business.
And I’m not kidding.

In the beginning, we’re all-too-sensitive. We welcome anyone who’ll buy from us. We go as low as is humanly possible to just let them into the door. I know I did that.

So it comes as a pleasure and a mild shock to me when entrepreneurs approach me now with a very clear idea of the only kind of people they want to sell to.

In a world where so many businesses are just happy to have any customers they can get, it is warming to meet entrepreneurs who come and tell they want people to buy their product for specifically this reason or that reason.

They don’t want people to buy their product because it’s cheaper or because it has a greener backchannel… but because they believe in exactly this or exactly that.

That’s cool.

The first time I got such a client, it was the first time I came across someone who was very particularly demanding the reasons why his customers should buy from him – what would satisfy him in the business (and that matters a lot, ultimately)

And he wanted me to design the pitch – verbal customer pitch and the website pitch.

So what do you do exactly when you have very specific kind of clientele you want to work with?
The answer lies not in a 30-second pitch, guys.

If you wanna be so specific, it takes a longer, focussed and consistent effort and centers entirely around your content – because we associate ourselves with what we think and thoughts are described in words – and these right words create a sense of association among people and among sellers and buyers.

Think of the right content for your website, work on the right content mechanism (like a blog) to establish yourself for who you are and who you want to sell to.

The answer to this one is not one short storyboard or one cool pitch/presentation. It’s more than that but it’s fun to do 🙂