Boring Business Pitches vs Interesting Business Pitches

Boring Business Pitches vs Interesting Business Pitches

You know why curiosity is a curious thing?

It’s a blessing that keeps you from stopping to live. And you stop to live when you get bored, when you aren’t excited by stuff.

Boredom is brought on by a lack of change of stimulation, and it is largely a function of perception.
Notice the word – Perception.
Nothing is definitely interesting or boring – it’s your perception.
Hence, what you have to say or write on your website is not inherently interesting or boring – it’s how you present it and make people perceive it.

We’ve known boredom since forever. When we sat in stuffy classrooms and heard our teachers drone about this and that. It felt like time stopped when we were in the classroom.


Thing about pitching or presenting anything is that people hate being pitched/presented to. They are not really “curious” about what products you are building or what good work you are doing. As customers, they only want to “judge” its worthiness for themselves.

So pitching – even on a website – is a thing they approach with boredom or mild interest.
(Yes, even your website is a pitch. It is usually the place people first interact with your business and make an impression of it. Don’t underestimate the important of your website content as a pitch.)

That is why, how you make them curious is the game. If you can do that, you’ve got them. You’ve got their attention and if you do it well, you will get their support too.