Don’t Let Them Sleep: 7 Ways to Speak More Engagingly

Don’t Let Them Sleep: 7 Ways to Speak More Engagingly

Not to waste your time, or mine, here are the 7 methods you can work upon to make your speaking strong.

Now, let me explain what I mean by “make your speaking strong”.

I mean sounding powerful, commanding respect, getting attention.

When others love to listen to you, you’re speaking strong.

When others shut up as you start to speak, that’s speaking strong.

When others trust what you’re saying, because you know how to win trust with your speech, that’s strong speaking.

When others remember what you said, long after you’ve finished speaking, that’s strong speaking.

That is why, any chance to speak in public or to an audience should not freak you out with fear – it should freak you out with electric excitement.


# 1: Learn to breathe strongly and deeply – at least from 30 minutes before you have to speak. Continue to breathe like this even during your speech.

It calms your voice, it deepens your voice, it slows your speech to a comprehensible level which is great for your listeners, it rhythms your thinking process into a controlled level and helps in covering all the points you wanted to cover.

# 2: Let your voice center out from your chest and not your throat.

Voice that is centered from the throat is chirpy whereas voice from the chest is deep. It sounds more authentic and commands more trust.

It isn’t difficult to do this. Just speak something and notice where the pressure, the energy is focused on – your throat or your chest.

# 3: Listen to some great speakers

This helps subconsciously pick up some of their traits. Do not consciously observe their movements, their speaking style or their mannerisms. That’s just a silly thing to do.

Just enjoy their speech. You will subconsciously take on the influence.

# 4: Don’t fuss about it

At the end of the day, it’s a conversation. Just a conversation. Don’t make a big deal out of the stakes and don’t expect your listeners to jump & kiss your face – just try to make them smile. Build that connection by being a normal relatable human.

# 5: Make eye contact

You may have heard this everywhere but it’s surprising how many people are too inconfident to make an eye contact. It is a very simple human thing to do. Just look them in the eye when you talk.

Don’t stare endlessly – but look politely in their when talking to them. And really look. Don’t make a mechanical eye lock, but a nice, polite one.

# 6: Don’t hide your emotions

Excited about some part of your speech? Amused about some part of your speech? Not sure about some part?

Speak it out. Express your feelings. Let me know how you feel. It’ll make people like you. Speak outside of the draft speech you may have written out. Speak honestly, that’s my point.

# 7: Don’t be fake

This is not as simple as you might think. So read on. Maybe you do some of it too.

Don’t crack jokes unnecessarily just to show you’re cool. To express your confidence or authority, don’t say possibly offensive stuff to the audience. Many people do this. And they don’t realixe they’re being rude.

Just be simple, polite and vulnerably you.


Now, I do enough to help as many people as I can with improving their speaking. You can join my workshop in September 2016, or my Meetup in August, or just contact me for a private consultation.