Lighter / One Story A Day series

Lighter / One Story A Day series

One Story A Day is an independent personal project where I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. One Story A Day project is meant to demonstrate how business and product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. I do one product story every day :)


She was rummaging with his things mindlessly in his room, with no particular intention. He was in the living room, with his Xbox.

She usually did love her elder brother (just like every 6 year old girl does) but like every 6-year old girl, she also did love to tell on her brother to their parents and see him get a good scolding.

Playing with his things was fun. Half of the things she didn’t understand – those heavy textbooks that had absolutely no pictures in them! those so many digital devices! those scary-looking black gloves!

But hey! Is this a lighter on his table? A lighter! People smoke dirty cigarettes with that! They’re bad, mommy says.

She ran, top speed, to show her mommy the lighter she found in Jimmy’s room.
Jimmy smokes cigarettes, mommy!

In the beginning it was fun to see mommy so angry at Jimmy…but when it didn’t stop for a while, it wasn’t nice anymore.
She felt sorry for putting her brother to a hard time. All she had wanted was some fun.

Later, she went to his room, where he was lying face down on his bed.

I’m sorry. I love you.

Na, honey. It’s alright. I don’t smoke. I just used this lighter to impress a girl I like at school.


Come ‘ere.

And they went to the backyard. Jimmy took his deodorant, sprayed it on the top of the cement wall hand-rest and put on the lighter 5 inches above it…and the soft orange flare that sprang from the lighter till the wall shocked and impressed and awed her. It was like a dragon’s fire.

She giggled so much, tears filled up her eyes.

Yeah, she likes it too. She says I’m a nerd…

I’m sorry, she said again.

No worries. She already likes me. Plus, I’ve got some new tricks to show her. 

And he smiled & winked at his little sister.



Note: Please respect my ideas and do not plagiarize.

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