How an Excellent Pitch Process Helps Product Improvement

How an Excellent Pitch Process Helps Product Improvement

Without a long preface like I’m talking to a 5-year old, I’ll jump right into it. And pull you with me!

Beginning to write your pitch does bring to your attention a lot of holes in your own product. There are many reasons for that:

First reason:

When you start selling something, you start thinking about it at a much deeper level and a lot more critically.

By critically, I mean, for the first time, you really are open to criticising your own product without actually biting someone off.

When you start preparing your pitch, you start thinking from the customer’s point of view.

I know you’ve been thinking about your customer for a much longer time but while developing the product, your thinking is focussed on their situation and the gap/the problem.

And now for the first time you really focus on their objections & perspectives. Yes, this is the stage when you do this much more seriously. That is why, now, you really do start looking at so many of your possible drawbacks which the customer might perceive.

And this helps you to openly consider adding some thing or cancelling something – modifying your product to make it sharper.

I have seen many entrepreneurs realize massive loopholes in their product at the time of the pitch, which leaves them with no other option but to go back to the table and redesign everything.

When you start pre-empting their questions, you do see so much more possible improvement on your offering.


Second reason:

There is something about words. I’m not being a romantic here. But being very practical.

When you start putting things/ideas/feelings/physical products into words, things become a lot clearer. Try defining why you love your wife/husband or your child (if you’re blessed with one). What you think may be very different from what comes out finally in words. It is because when you describe something, you start finding words and using words to build a point, a lot of unthought-of things get clearer. You start understanding your self better when you start putting your thoughts into words.

How exactly will this benefit your pitch?

When you start wrapping your product/idea into words, you start noticing the different new sides of it and what all it could mean to a potential user.

That is why an “eBook” is the same product but a different idea from “digital experience”


Third reason:

As you start pitching to an imaginary buyer, a lot of things about the buyer’s life/position/perspective start coming to light and your own product starts taking on a new significance in your own perception of what it was meant to be.

For example, you might have developed a customizable calendar system for working moms so they can reduce their headache, but you might soon realize that it could be a personalizable scheduling assistant that makes sure the women grow their profits and kids with equal love.

Again, I am not talking about flowery words. I am talking about meaning.


Fourth reason:

The more different pitch patterns & structures you try, the more you see about your own product. You may realize your baby has some secrets 🙂

It is like looking at yourself in the mirror from different profile angles. Sometimes the eye-liner may be too dark on the left eye lid and sometimes, the concealer may need a bit more touching on the right part of the forehead. If you’re a guy and don’t understand what this means, ask your girl.

Try the pitch in different ways. It’s very revealing.

I am happy to connect with your thoughts and questions on this. Use the comments section below 🙂