Foosball Table / One Story A Day series

Foosball Table / One Story A Day series

One Story A Day is an independent personal project aimed at demonstrating ideas on how business & product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. In this project, I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. I do one product story every day 🙂


Target: 40 to 60 year old men

Remember when you believed you will always be charming & sweep away the girls into your bed?
You remember when you were tough & macho and beat that other guy down if he looked at your girl?

And then…
A couple of years later…

Instead of the adrenaline rushing in… it was the arthritis?

You started making peace with those guys who were looking at your girl. You started forgiving them.

Let age make you a better man.
But never let it make you a lesser man.

While jogging, video games & Crossfit are all healthy & yada yada yada…

you still miss that fiery, blood boiling, magical hardness!

Don’t you?

That’s why this foosball table.

Because it’s only soccer that is? The game of blood. More important than life. Leaving your opponent lying on his back. Kicking the ball so hard it bursts into a tiny shreds. That howling high-pitch scream. Soccer is the meaning of life!

There’s magic.

This foosball table is made for that magic.

Kick! that ball so hard it hits the goalee on this little crotch!
Swick! your line of players because? They’re YOUR men! YOUR team!
Whack! that ball tight away from your line of defence
Beat them all! Leave them in blood!

Win it! Be that man!


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