Nokia 3350 / One Story A Day Series

Nokia 3350 / One Story A Day Series

One Story A Day is an independent personal project where I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. One Story A Day project is meant to demonstrate how business and product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. I do one product story every day 🙂


He had always craved for a secret place. A place from where he could come out of his shell safely, albeit for a few moments. A place from where he could truly tell what he feels, what he believes, what he wants.

Conversations are sometimes so hard, aren’t they? How can you speak your mind without letting that other person notice your shaking body while you’re making that bold statement, how your face turns beetroot red, how your lower lip quivers, how your palms shake!


He wanted to tell this girl how he felt about her. Oh, everyday he would see her walking in to the college classroom, just a few minutes after he did. (He always came early so he would not miss a single moment of seeing her). But he never trusted himself to go over to her & tell her how much he liked her.

She would see me sweating! She will laugh at me and then…should I run away? I can never ever go and talk to her!

Tell her on the phone? Nooooo, mom’s always at home. Use a public phone? Noooo, there’s always people walking around in this damn town!

And then, as if by God’s answer to his prayers, came this – the first mobile phone ever on sale in his town

Finally.  a reason to break the yellow piggy bank. Ever since he was 9, he’d been dropping pennies and sometimes even bank notes (thanks for visiting, grandma!) in it. And he had vowed to never break it until before his death — so he could finally count his life’s secret treasure. In a way, to him, the piggy bank was like a value of his life. But this matter was now more urgent!

He could now go out of the house; find a quiet, most comfortable spot, and finally make that call. Finally speak his heart out. Finally feel safe while being bold.

This phone was hope.

This phone was a shield.

This phone was the opening of new chapters.


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