Hi, I’m Reema

I’ve spent so many years of my life working with language, words, expression and business: writing, speaking, training, presenting. And here’s what I know:Your words and how you say them are a weapon. Your weapon.

Small businesses are underdogs. How do you make investors trust you? How do you make customers open up their wallets for you?
I work with small businesses, startups and professionals in using this weapon to get what they want:

Early adopters?
A story that sticks?
Media interest?

We’ll work together on:

Story design
Pitch preparation
Pitch coaching
Speech preparation
Speech coaching
Presentation training

It’s a pleasure to have clients with whom I can share respectful and fun work experiences.
Hence, I train start-ups and youthful professionals – men/women who itch to be more than who they are.

I have trained pilots from Lot Airlines, high court lawyers, marketing professionals, theatre artists, school teachers, individuals working at companies like Groupon, Wonga, Wolters Kluwer, IBM etc.

What made me start this: A love of Europe. A love of seeing marvelously fearless people. A dream of a life and business devoted to changing the lives of people 

Hi-five to ALL of US!

From a window low enough in Berlin


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