One Story A Day is an independent personal project where I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. One Story A Day project is meant to demonstrate how business and product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. I do one product story every day :)


Whores! spat his grandmother looking at two women who were wearing short red dresses and fishnets, walking in high heels that late rainy evening, when he was just 6 years old.

No, don’t be angry at them, thought he instinctively, even though he didn’t understand what the word ‘whores’ meant.

Deep inside, somewhere really down there, instinctively, we are all born with the truth. And with time, we learn fear.


You know the difference between the Whore and the Madonna?

It’s not that one is nice, pure and innocent – and the other is brash, disobedient and a slut.
It’s also not that one is faultless and the other is full of faults.

It’s that one is afraid of her own strength.

And the one who isn’t, scares the society.
She isn’t apologetic of her femininity, she isn’t afraid of her power and she is surely not regretful of her faults, her weaknesses, the holes in her being. She owns them, just like she owns it all!

Wear your holes! 


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