Where Do You Make Your Strongest Business Pitch?

Where Do You Make Your Strongest Business Pitch?

I help with words – over the last many years, I’ve learnt how words can create myths, create legends, create truths, create magic and create disasters too!
No, I’m not exaggerating.

When people listen to what I do, and what they come to me for – is their pitch.
Whether they have to pitch their projects to their bosses, or they have to speak at some conference, or simply when they need to sell their product/service via the dreaded phone calls.

What, sadly, everyone forgets is how the written word is just as much of a pitch as the spoken word.
And they end up completely ignoring their written pitch.

The written pitch is not the pitch deck.
It’s what you write on your website. It’s what you write on your emails.

You see, the words you have on your website are working as your strongest, repeatable pitch even as you sleep.

More often than you realize, the very first time people get to know of your business is when they see your website. You won’t and can’t always be there personally to speak to every single one – it’s your website that’s doing it. And it’s where people go to again and again to resolve their queries.

Therefore, it may not make a lot of sense to ignore how you’re pitching yourself on your website.

And just like the pitch and pitch structure are different for every business, so should be the case for the websites. Just mentioning the features and benefits would not do the trick and would easily set you up for cheap and easy comparisons with other guys in your space.

Pitch yourself on your website – don’t just focus on pretty words and pretty images.
Pitch it.



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