I Want to be My Brand but I Don’t Like Public Speaking

I Want to be My Brand but I Don’t Like Public Speaking

I get this all the time.

So many small business owners are good at – being small business owners. They can run their business 24/7. They are comfortable being the worn-down, torn-down, overworked poor guy running the show behind the curtain…

…but they simply don’t like the idea of standing in front of a big group of strangers and talking highly about their businesses and up-selling themselves.
Maybe because somewhere deep down it feels too….sales-y? And that makes you feel…icky? 😉

Many of you also realize and desire that you can be the best brand of your business.

And that is so cool!

And here’s my answer to your terrible puzzle of:
1. On the one hand, hating public speaking
2. And on the other hand, wanting to be your own brand

Here’s the answer. The good news is that:

..You don’t have to be that jumping jack who waltzes into every industry conference or a kitty party and gives a long, animated, shameless spiel on how you’re building something “awesome”.

..You don’t need to give 25 keynotes in a month, every month.

..You don’t even have to go to every pointless pitching event happening in your city and present to people who are just there to do what you’re doing.

It’s very simple.

Don’t speak a lot.

But when you do, make sure no one can forget you.

And how do you do that? You do that:

:: by making sure no one knows your subject better than you do.

:: by making sure you structure your content in a way that makes sense and not just because everyone else structures their content in that way. Structure is one thing that can entirely change how your presentation/pitch feels. And you’d be surprised to know how many of you get it wrong.

:: by making sure you make sense. A lot of people when they speak completely forget that their main intention should be to connect successfully with the listeners.

:: It’s a conversation. Not a performance. Talk in your natural manner. For the love of all the Gods and demons, do not copy some guy like Steve Jobs or whoever else. It is ridiculous! Just talk like you would talk to someone you know. Please.


Now go ahead. Be your own brand.






2 thoughts on “I Want to be My Brand but I Don’t Like Public Speaking

  1. Good one! Don’t speak a lot but speak right from the heart and in a manner that the listener should get your point.


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