For a long time, even I didn’t understand what the F this really meant. In business, I mean. And I AM from the marketing and content field!

But somehow, all this spiel about “tell your story” and “storytelling in business” kind of just sounded like same-old pfaff, but now just wrapped in the latest pink-colored wrapper, that everyone wanted to try.

The examples I saw were also  all really normal. They just seemed like normal copywriting or advertising.


The way they were copywriting/advertising was slightly different than what we had become used to. (And therefore, had grown numb to.)

What was different now was:

They were not selling themselves anymore.

But just telling the people who they are.


And, letting the people see a reflection of theirs in it. Or at least some part of theirs.

That’s it.

It all ultimately is how you let people connect with you, rather than you going round and round, knocking on doors, trying to connect with people.

It is deeply connected to either of the two:
– how you communicate the problem
– how you communicate the result

In either of these, your targets see something they’ve been wanting to see. That’s where your pitch lies.

Or “story”, as they say 🙂



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