Why I Insist on Freedom When You’re Learning English (or any other language)

Why I Insist on Freedom When You’re Learning English (or any other language)

When I was 10 years old, I would scuttle out of the classroom in my school and quietly, like a cat, go to the top floor of my school building – the top floor was the third floor.

On this floor, there was an abandoned girls’ bathroom which was really never used (which is why it was abandoned, right?).

And I would go into the largest rooms within this bathroom, lock myself in, and walk to the window. I would open the window and sit on the window ledge. And then…

…then, I would just stare out… out, beyond the boundary wall of the school and into the little lane where older people would be freely walking by or cycling by, living their life freely unlike us trapped kids in the school. I was even jealous of the trees swaying unrestricted to the wind!

I didn’t realize then but I realize it now that it was a manifestation of my hatred for confinement.

I have always hated classrooms and the necessity to sit erect on straight wooden chairs for hours at a go. It’s loathsome.

A lot of us hate classrooms and this manifests in stopping to learn once we finish university.

That is why, now when I help clients with mastering English to use in professional life – I hate to call myself a teacher. I am a trainer and I only work as long as we’re not bound by any classroom expectations. I’d be the first one to run away if ever that was to happen.

I am a big supporter of using loads of media, working through the internet, moving about so we can actually find new inspirations for topics and challenges.

And based on experience, it is evident how many people absolutely find this stimulating. A lot of their similar fears too dissolve after 1 or 2 sessions and the whole atmosphere is so casual that the minds are open.

And we learn best with our minds open 🙂



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