Herbal shampoo

Herbal shampoo

One Story A Day is an independent personal project where I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. One Story A Day project is meant to demonstrate how business and product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. I do one product story every day 🙂


The reason for earning good money from a generic job you hate? Can be a nice one.

Like? Buying these little great things that 63-year old Peter makes. He makes them not in a humungous factory with monstrously big machines that pound pretty pink chemicals into your shampoo.

He makes them in his little mud hut with grass roof, just into the Boa Vista do Ramos village in the Amazonian forest in Brazil..He makes this shampoo with his hands, touching and checking each herb that goes inside.

Ultimately, its from a human sitting in a thousand-year old culture for another human sitting in a developed country crushing his soul in a dead-pan job.


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