Mirror / One Story A Day series

Mirror / One Story A Day series

One Story A Day is an independent personal project aimed at demonstrating ideas on how business & product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. In this project, I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. I do one product story every day 🙂


Targeted at: Women
There was a big black hole right there in the middle!

I still remember being so upset with Stephen because he wouldn’t tell his ex-girlfriend to get out of his life and find someone else who would listen to her constant pointless blabbering about how awesome she is!!

It made me so miserable!
I didn’t want him to talk to her at all.
Wasn’t I a really great girl for whom Stephen should be thankful?
Why was he  being such a flaccid dick about this?

I knew Stephen was the best guy I could get. I knew I was a great girl too. But… maybe I wasn’t special enough for him to part with his ex-girlfriend.

After one of our regular arguments over this, I smashed a glass on the living room wall out of helpless frustration & ran to lock myself in the bathroom to cry.

And then I noticed it.

My first reaction was of feeling pity for it. And then…fear. Fear of what I had become. It was my reflection I had noticed in the mirror across the room.

It was as if a bolt had struck right in the middle of my chest, creating a large black hole. It was a hole right in the middle of… ME.

How could I let myself reach this low?
Why was I not being my biggest protector right now?
I had to give the best of me to myself!

I looked into those glistening sad eyes in the mirror…realized that..

I have a choice: What do I want to see in this mirror from now onwards?
Someone I miserably am
Someone I COULD be

It’s easy to feel miserable. But it takes courage to feel good.

I dare you to see someone in there. Someone who matters 🙂

See the right reflection in this. With deliberation. With love.


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