Table Lamp / One Story A Day series

Table Lamp / One Story A Day series

One Story A Day is an independent personal project where I select any ordinary thing and create a story around it. One Story A Day project is meant to demonstrate how business and product storytelling can be done & how effective it is. I do one product story every day 🙂


We were perfect together. Really perfect. Our lives were a symphonic embodiment of togetherness.
But our night time was something else. When we shut our bedroom door to all the world & its duties, finally…
Then we were different.

Then we were even better together.

She was more than my darling love; she was the golden mist with those deep dark eyes from which it was impossible to look away, once you looked into them. And I always did.

She was the nebulous golden softness, angelic and whorish at the same time, which you want to grab tighter & tighter in your hands. But the more you try to grab her, the more out of your hold she is, making you more & more passionately impatient.

I could never have enough of her. I wanted to love her, fuck her, destroy her, worship her, sing her, drink her, melt into her…

Our sex was a dance of perfection.

And with our room glowing with faint golden blissful light, ours was a heavenly dance of shadows.

It’s been years. Night after every godly night, it’s this lamp that still paints us with the golden light of love.


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