Make Better Presentations

Make Better Presentations

10-hour presentation & public speaking training for you to get more results & actions out of the audience

Price: 399€

If you need to give a presentation, pitch at an event, or do any kind of public speaking in English, use these 10 hours with me to improve your success rate:

  1. Body language:

Inspire confidence by using professional casuality in your body language.

  1. Visual Aids:

Design your slides simplistically, beautifully & meaningfully. Make your slides support you.

Learn 3 super techniques to design the opening, body and ending of your slides.

  1. Generate emotions:

Facts tell. Stories sell.

People will not support you unless they like you. Generate interest, likeability, trust, and a successful SALE.

Learn to use stress, inflection, volume and pausing to add emotion and meaning to your speech.

  1. Audience Engagement:

Use tools like audio, audience participation and other techniques to get your message across smartly & keeping your audience smiling

  1. Structure & Content Preparation:

Structure your content & speech to win your audience

Open, structure and end your presentation speech in the right way by learning,

Nine opening techniques

Five ending techniques

Four body structuring techniques

  1. Q&As:

Use Q&As smartly to establish your authority


Whether we like it or not, we all have to speak to an audience some time or the other. And when we have to speak formally in English? Things are not so easy.

This training will help you.

It covers all the skills needed to make a presentation great. Impress your audience.

To speak to me more about it, fill here and I promise I’ll get back:





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