Writing business emails in English. When to be short, professional, and HOW?

Writing business emails in English. When to be short, professional, and HOW?

You could be a freelance professional; or you could be in a job; or you could be a high-profile senior exec; or you could be a business owner –

You’re always seeking possibilities of growth.

We’ve all been there.

We have been working on a business idea, or have developed an app, or started a Project. And then we’ve wanted people to join us in or we’ve wanted people to appreciate it and shower us with their admiration – whether as supporters, or buyers, or collaborators or partners or mentors.

And if you are one of the more ambitious people and looked for international growth too (my favourite people), then you have sent mails to people beyond your country too.

Very brave of you.

But how many people have ever replied?

For you or your project to be international, does it just need international customers, or international branches, or multinational employees?

Not all of us are businesses that have multiple branches or employees, right? What then?

Maybe it also means becoming a part of a community of people who have similar concerns as yours and who want to do the same work in their lives as you.

Say you’re an app developer. You are a local freelancer or have a local job or your own small local business with 1 or 2 employees. If you are truly a person who aspires to grow, would you be willing to network with other app developers from different parts of the world, who are into different businesses but ultimately whose mission and challenges might be the same as yours?

But what if your first language is not English (and I guess it’s not which is why you’re wasting your time on my blog… Of couuuuurse)

So how do you write your first email in a situation where you want the other person to consider responding to you?

Sometimes, on OkCupid, I get overly creative messages from men..messages that are so unrealistic. messages that clearly are evident of how much time they spent on writing this message. message that show they are desperate.

Don’t do that.

Being creative, being different, being funny are all OK as long as they do not seem unrealistic. Meaning, as long as they do not make you seem like that’s really not the real you. A creativity that comes smoothly to you is more impressive than a forced one (and that one is annoying).

In this post, I talked about in what situations you can write a long email to a new contact but the point of this post is to let you know what to do when you don’t have a super-niche specialized request. So when you’re initiating contact, your mail might want to  (English or structure? I am good at English, not structure.)

5 lines that cover:

  1. What do u want from them
  2. Purpose of the request
  3. About you
  4. Let’s touch base

Hope this helps.


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