Profitable Presentations

Profitable Presentations

A 15-hour specialized training for business owners & marketing professionals for pitching business in English

Nervous about public speaking?

This training will help you make profitable presentations, by excelling you at:

  1. Handling Nervousness:

I’ll tell you methods to convert nervousness to courage & excitement

  1. The Right Body Language:

Inspire confidence from your body posture, gestures & hand movements. Make people like you even before you start speaking.

  1. Open your presentation the right way:

Did you know humans have the attention span of less than a goldfish?

Use the right ‘hooks’ in the first few seconds of your presentation to engage & excite your audience about listening to everything you say

  1. Generate emotions by using the right speech techniques

Facts tell. Stories sell.

People will not buy from you unless they like you. Use language smartly to generate interest, likeability, trust, and a successful SALE.

Use pausing, pitch, inflection, stress, intonation, volume & pronunciations to effectively lead your audience.

  1. Visual Aids:

Design your slides simplistically, beautifully and meaningfully. Make your slides support you.

Learn the top 3 ways to make great visual aids.

  1. Audience Engagement:

Use audio, audience participation and other techniques to get your message across smartly & keeping your audience smiling

  1. Structure & Content Preparation:

Structure your content & speech to win your audience

Open, structure and end your presentation speech in the right way by learning,

Nine opening techniques

Five ending techniques

Four body structuring techniques

  1. End the presentation by giving the right CTAs:

People usually remember the ending of a presentation, and then the beginning. How you conclude it, therefore, counts a lot.

  1. Handle Q&As

Handle Q&As to establish your authority


This training will cover all the elements that make a presentation worth listening to. Get your investors, buyers, prospects, sponsors, donors go away believing what you want them to believe.

Price: 499€

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