Content Writing: How to Decide the Right Value to Pay for it

Content Writing: How to Decide the Right Value to Pay for it

Recently in one of my posts, I said that the writers we have come to love over the centuries are essentially tremendously good storytellers. We love them for the stories they told us.

And let’s be honest, whether you are a little pretty girl or a 40-something man, whether you’re running a business or a whole country, you do love a good story.

EVERYONE DOES. Even puppies do.

But.. What exactly is it about stories that we love anyway…?


Stories bring us face to face with our emotions that were dormant or raging inside us, and the thoughts we’re afraid of or marvel at. They are not an escape from reality but a nosedive into it.

They are both dazzling and empowering.

And we love our storytellers because they tell these stories so spectacularly, like the true artists they are. Their words carved on the pages paint the worlds we temporarily live in, where when each word comes together in the string of sentences, they touch our hearts…make us cry, laugh, think, smile, hope…

This is what makes a good writer…

the emotions they create  

The human in us that they touch. In time and in distance, they are so far from us, yet they are so near.

It’s the same Dave’s game here.  #dontbedave (Don’t be Dave)

When you hire a marketing content writer to give a story to your brand, to give the words that define your business in the market, you don’t know what will be defined as a ‘good’ job and a ‘bad’ job.

In short, you don’t always know what you’re paying for.

It’s like going to the Harvard Business School – you pay with your blood for it but whether you will come out with a 150000 dollar job is no guarantee. If you don’t get the job, ‘it’s your fault’.

Why should you listen to the same slap-in-your-face-you-fucking-customer story everywhere?


As with everything else, set expectations when you hire a creative content writer.

Tell the right story and Create the right emotions in your customers. 

And when this happens well, or to say when this job is ‘good’:

  • The key words people use to describe your business are the target keywords… because guys, it is about creating the desired emotions.
  • The number of people engaged with your site, with the time spent on it, increases
  • Your brand stands with a personality in the market
  • And of course, sales do increase.

Remember, don’t be Dave 😉


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