Pick-up Lines. (Hint. Bring her Home.)

Pick-up Lines. (Hint. Bring her Home.)

She came back to his home with him, allowing him to hold her hands, smiling adorably, and looking into his eyes all the time.

They had been longing for this moment ever since they met earlier that evening. He liked her, wanted her, the moment he saw her. She was wearing black, sitting alone on a quiet, dimly lit corner table by the window of this plush 30th floor restaurant, looking out with sombre eyes.

He wanted more of her.

This wasn’t his first time. He had picked up women before and brought them to his home.

But still, every time he wanted to walk up to a woman, all his masculine strength, courage and reckless let’s-see attitude needed to be mustered, along with a generous dose of drinks.

He always felt that tingling fear in his jaws, trembling in his knees, sweating in his palms and hard breathing…

He would go over the pick-up line again and again and yet again in his mind, revising and correcting and sharpening it all the time…

Sometimes he would walk within 10 paces of the woman when he would suddenly lose all the nerve and change his direction speedily and head for the other side of the bar…

Yet when he did talk, he was one of the best kinds of men that women want to be wooed by. He spoke well. He was smart and witty and within no time had women laughing hard. He had a lot to offer. They often found it difficult to refuse him, and if they had to, they would feel a stab of pain doing it.

He always used smart pick-up lines which got the women hooked. They felt a surge of positive emotions within a few moments of the conversation. He would sweep them off their feet. They didn’t want him to leave. They didn’t want just a drink, they wanted more.

What was it?

What worked the magic?

You should know the answer, for all of us (ok, most of us!) have been wooed and sought at least a few times. Why is it that some people click and others die without a fizz?

It begins and ends at two and only two things: WHAT IS SAID and HOW IT IS SAID

In business too, the same, the VERY SAME pattern works. You want a new business client? Walk up to him and say something that is not up to the mark and see how he flicks you away like ash on his cigarette, like mud on his boots, like football on the ground.

No, we don’t beg for business. We COMMAND business. And how?

It is not ENOUGH to know just Basic English in business.

Unless you know

how to speak it,

what to speak,

how to shape and twist your words and statements,

how to react,



share ideas,

you cannot wield magic. You cannot PICK UP NEW BUSINESS. You cannot expand. You cannot shine.


Usually the first things you say to a woman determine if she’ll go back with you later.

And usually, the first things you say to your potential business clients also determine if he’ll want a relationship (business relationship!) with you.

You mustn’t screw up either.



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