Why we should merge Orphanages & Old-age homes

Why we should merge Orphanages & Old-age homes

I have been thinking about this for a while.

And the more I think about it, the more I am convinced about it. But that’s with most of what I think about, including having a pet monitor lizard & owning a Bazooka…

Every time I visit an old-age home, the one thing that’s immediately palpable is the loneliness of its residents. They are eager for you to walk up to them and to tell you their stories – trivial ones, sad ones, anecdotes..anything, as long as you’re sitting with them and they have someone to talk to.

While personally I don’t get why they’re so lonely when they’re with people like them. I mean, if I imagine myself, family-less, responsibility-less, business-less, children-less, at the winter of my life, with so many other similar people around me, I’d want to party all night, and tell them so many stories of my life and hear their stories. After all, I don’t have to go to work the next day or send my ruddy kids to school or shit like that anymore! And in at least 60 years of your life, you do gather years’ worth of shit to talk, laugh, giggle about.

But anyway, they aren’t me and I aren’t them.

The fact remains they are unhealthily lonely. They have always taken care of their kids throughout their long, miserable lives and those more-often-than-not miserable kids have chucked them out.

So getting to my idea now — why not merge the old-age homes and orphanages?

Orphans will get a family. A family of grandparents whom they can turn to anytime for all the cute little growing up problems.

They can have grandparents telling them stories – yes, very formative, and people they can trust and call family; people who can give them some wisdom before they’re out on the streets.

And the lonely old people will have little ‘uns to call family, to shower their love on..

An idealist, am I?

But this isn’t impossible. Someone just needs to think and do.


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