Now THIS is Product Packaging and Marketing, you guys

Now THIS is Product Packaging and Marketing, you guys

A clear, very honest, message to all the boys and men:

Women do not like being leched at. When you joke about our bodies with your male friends, we do not – repeat, do not – like it. We are not meat.

I read a story recently – by William Barnett – (Here) – and it goes like this

I fell for the shoe-shine huckster on Bourbon Street. I was young, and my wife and I were all dressed up. I could not resist the challenge, called out loudly to me amidst a large audience: “I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes!” I hesitated and replied, “Okay, where?” Game over. He shouted “On your feet!”, fell to his knees, spat on my shoes (with disrespect), and began to shine them furiously. How did I end up standing with my pretty young wife in the middle of a laughing, half-drunk mob – as a wiry man gave me an unwanted, overpriced shoe shine? He seemed to know I was asking myself that question. Now with some pity in his eyes, he looked up at me and said “Never play another man’s game.”

This story got me exactly the words that were stuck soundlessly in my mouth.

Men lech. Full stop.

They love cheap thrills… and so do the women of this country. Full stop.

A country – where B-grade films and raunchy songs have always been so shamelessly famous – is 2 things:

  1. a ceaselessly big and innovative market opportunity

  2. a society that cannot pretend to feel anything but excited when Rakhi Sawant turns up on stage, or worse, opens her mouth to speak.

When you’re a girl wanting to make it in the entertainment industry

and you have no neon-lit family name

but you can dance to put people on fire

you know men are going to lech at you they don’t know a shit about dance

and you know THAT will sell and you know you want it to

then you have to play the game by their rules.

BUT when you commoditize that very leching and turn it around so that the whole country is forced to shoot sly looks at their reflection in you,

then you’ve played their game and turned it around.

On their faces.

And achieved a pinnacle few others do & only after insane number-crunching or insane intuition.

What she personally feels when men letch at her could be a disdain she charmingly buries down, because really, who has the time to waste feeling hurt when you’re busy using it to place your moves?

Like a smart businesswoman, she has chosen her clients

BUT like the smartest of them, she manages them.

You gotta love this girl

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