5 Most Common Mistakes Germans Make while Speaking English

5 Most Common Mistakes Germans Make while Speaking English

Sooo, meine Liebling Deutsch leute,

I appreciate your #deutsch language very very much. It is not an easy language and I have been trying to learn it since a few months now.

However, the moment you step your foot outside of Germany (or Austria or Switzerland!), you cannot speak in German.

And please don’t try to argue against that. Save your time & learn impactful eloquence in English.

Sooo…coming to the point.

In my past 1 year living in Germany and making friends and dating men here, I have realized you guys make a hell lot of mistakes in English..and so today I will correct 5 of those major mistakes which will make you look silly if you say them in an English-speaking country.


Difference between BRING and TAKE

Which of these words you should use, depends on the reference point — the point where you are standing when making the statement and the point where you are bringing/taking something.

So a FedEx delivery guy brings a packet to your home after taking it from his office.

You take something away from someone and bring it to someone.

If I am sitting in a room, you will bring the cake to me and after we have eaten some of it, you will take it to the kitchen.



You go away from something/someone.

You come to something/someone.

So if I am standing at point A, and you are at point B, and you start coming towards me, then you are coming to me. But you will go to point C because it is away from me and you.




When you take something, you borrow

When you give something, you lend

So if you are giving me your bicycle to use for the weekend, then I am borrowing your bicycle from you, and you are lending it to me.


Informations is not a good word

Information is.



To understand this like a pro, check this out


Danke und Viele gruesse,


Enjoy this now for some more fun –



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