These email writing mistakes are slowing your growth & stopping your profits – Part 2

These email writing mistakes are slowing your growth & stopping your profits – Part 2

Read Part 1 here

How many times have you felt hopeless and complained that your job sucks / you want a new job / you hate this boring job / you want to do something exciting


How many times have you forwarded jokes like this to your friends?


How many weekends do you spend sending your CV (which you update every Friday) to different companies – Ding! Ding! Ding!


It’s good to want new things.

It’s good to be unsatisfied.

It’s good to want more.

But it’s not good to be imaginative about what you expect the world to give you (buckets full of money?) when you may not yourself be ready for taking it.

You don’t know what I mean?

A lot of us tend to expect things but fail to check ourselves & make ourselves ready for the change when it comes.

Check out this email below. I received it on the facebook page of my family business. She’s looking for a job and expects that by doing something like this, she will actually land up a better job.

Wrong email example 2

Let me tell you a secret –

She won’t land a job by sending messages like this.

She wants me to care? She wants to do something for her career? She wants me to help her out?

Well, she better learn to send emails in a more sensible way.

In my previous part on this topic, I told you not to be afraid of sending a long email if that meets your purpose. Do that. How else would you make a caring connection with a stranger? (With only your pretty picture? Keep on dreaming!)

Growing your career requires you to get the fuck out and introduce yourself to new people & making them like you. So, sending a cold email – even for a job – is about 2 things:

GREAT LANGUAGE – if it’s fun to read you, I will. And you can’t do that with funny English

GREAT SENSE OF STRUCTURE – if your message is logically valid for you to send me, I will do something about it

You need to learn to send emails that

  • Are more sensitive to the receiver – Would you care if you received a message like the one above?
  • Create an interest for the reader – How quickly would you forget an uncaring message like that?
  • Be respectful – be respectful about who you are writing to and most importantly, who YOU are. In this case, I only think that girl is an idiot! And I won’t do anything for her. She lost respect for sending a message like this.
  • Learn to sell yourself better – She didn’t care to tell me anything unique about her, or what she cares about for her career, what she wants… You could try to sell yourself better with EVERY SINGLE WORD you write or speak!

Alright, this is enough for today. I’m in Spain. I should holiday 🙂

Here’s a pic for you to enjoy.




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