4 Ways to Not Feel Nervous Before Giving a Presentation in English

4 Ways to Not Feel Nervous Before Giving a Presentation in English

Giving a business presentation or a pitch in English is not so easy, specially when English is not your mother tongue.

While there is a lot you should work on to become a mesmerizing presenter in English, losing confidence is something you can handle on your own and with just a little bit of effort.

During my years of helping Europeans become killer presenters in English, I have seen these 4 pieces of advice working at least for managing their confidence before the final presentation 🙂

I hope these work for you too:


Raise your adrenaline before the presentation. Play 10 minutes of football, do jogging, or something like this that kicks you up. It’s a great way to channel the nervousness into positivity.


Achieve something right before the presentation. It might be something small. Like finishing to write a tough email or finishing a draft project report. Finishing something works to build our confidence really well


Laugh. Watch something funny and have a good, happy laugh. It eases up the tension. Life, after all, is not so serious as we make it before a presentation. When you laugh, it will help you to take things lighter and thus will grow your confidence


Close your eyes and imagine yourself going on the stage and giving a presentation – but you will imagine that you are giving a really good presentation. Everything is going smoothly, people are looking at you & listening to you with rapt attention, and want you to continue making your point. Then, open your eyes and tell yourself that that is possible 🙂

I’ll be waiting to hear back how these worked for you, or if you try something else that works too! Would love to know your experience in the comments below 🙂


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