How to Learn English Fast (Ways to Not Lose Heart or Fire Along the Way)

How to Learn English Fast (Ways to Not Lose Heart or Fire Along the Way)


Which of these is/are the reasons that you’re forever stuck with learning English and you just can never speak it fluently? —

  •  Within one month your enthusiasm dies, and you just start procrastinating
  •  You postpone only a few classes because… this week you have to travel somewhere?
  •  You feel sooooo tired after work and are unable to learn
  •  You cancelled just one class this week because… your mom is coming to visit you?  And then the next week you have to go for a movie with that old friend whom you haven’t seen in 2 years, so you need to cancel…again
  • Sometimes, you just need some personal time (by the way, it’s also called “me time” – means, time for me/myself. I thought I should tell you this just in case you’ve also been taking that personal time. Smile)

I have heard all these reasons from many trainees. And many more.

And they’re real. I understand.

But now tell me – how many of these are also true for you?

  • You’re tossing & rolling left and right in your bed, bed sheets tangled between your legs, while you just want to sleep for another 15 minutes?
  •  You’ve got your headphones on, watching one funny YouTube video after another
  •  You’re on office lunch break. You go out, eat, laugh endlessly and talk loudly and realize you took 15 minutes extra for the lunch break. And then you stroll back to your desk with your head down.
  •  And…. how many of you play video games?

Learning anything requires a commitment. And language learning stretches the limits of your brain – because you’ve lived all your life with 1 or 2 languages and learning a new one requires stretching those areas and trying new dark corners of expression.

But if you’re learning it, for whatever reason – every reason is good enough – then you must finish it. And there are ways for it. How to do it, mommy Reema will tell you now.

Learn in small chunks

It is easier for the brain to remember little flashes. Keep looking at your notes at intervals during your working day. You can watch one YouTube video less.

Make a complete hourly plan with your trainer

When you can see the whole path to a destination, every single step feels more meaningful and easier

Watch videos with subtitles and learn and REPEAT sentences

Trust me. You may think you’re understanding everything of what you’re watching (and you might be!) but the point is to make it a part of YOUR English. This is going to be of immense value. Why? Because learning complete sentences helps condition your brain into the construction of the new language and you don’t feel like a new comer to it for very long. Before long, you start stepping into the language’s secret gorges and alleys – which in popular language are called native level J

How would you curse your boss…. in English?

Out of the one hundred things you do and think about in your normal day, like drinking a cup of coffee, cursing your boss in your mind, wishing to be somewhere far away from all this… just stop and try to think how you would express this same thing in English. How would you express all these emotions in English? How many words, phrases do you know for expressing something like this, in the English language? If you don’t happen to know, google it or make a note to ask your trainer.

If you find yourself losing interest fast

…arrange a tighter, faster schedule with your trainer. Try to finish your training as early as possible. When something drags on for too long, we do lose interest. Thing is to work a smart way around it, not to give up.

Stalk online those people whom you appreciate. And tell yourself once again why being better at English can help you get closer to them and to yourself

This works tremendously for motivation and to keep you on track of your ambitions. It’s good to be ambitious.

Don’t try to carry your learning process for too long

Learn fast. Learn smart. I am not saying chew too much and then vomit it. I am saying take small bites, chew actively, digest easier. Meaning? Meaning have more frequent learning sessions, make sure that in every lesson you start with the intention to cover a topic and make sure you finish understanding that topic by the end of the class. Don’t just wander around, dizzy eyed, expecting the trainer to drill the language into your head. That won’t happen.

Phew! Hope this helps 🙂 





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