Trying to Get International Clients? How to Get Them to Trust You over the Local Competitors

Trying to Get International Clients? How to Get Them to Trust You over the Local Competitors

Going international isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. It takes guts. It takes skills. It takes intelligence.

More than many people are too scared to venture beyond what they already know. Staying within their comfort zones – their deep dark wells – keeps them feeling safe and smug.

Well, this blog is for people like you: People who are curious, who are intelligent, who want more, who love fear.

When you want to grow your business international & get clients from that new country or market (or when you want to grow your career international & get opportunities in different markets)…

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Fact is, unfortunately for you, it is always easier for any international client to trust someone offering the same services in their own country, from their local area, someone who understands them very well. Why would they trust you – a random stranger?

It is now, here in this red hot situation, when importance of communication is most crucial.

The prospective international clients start the discussions with local businesses (and candidates) with a hope. But they start talking with you – the foreigner – with cynicism. That’s where your communication starts-off with them.

You get judged by them at multiple levels. (Not to mention their stereotypes as well about your country, culture..)

Let me tell you a story (bear with me):

I first came to Europe on a business trip to Germany in 2010. I was the International Marketing Manager for an Indian start-up and was setting up their business across different countries in Europe.

Europe was exactly as I had imagined it would be – astoundingly beautiful, the cold winds (which was quite a relief from the hellfire pit that New Delhi is!), the aroma of coffee everywhere (which gave me a break from the tea-drinking north India), it was almost magical. I was in love with all those pretty high-heeled women and good-looking men. I imagined they would be blazingly smart and terrifyingly good at doing business… I almost felt intimidated.

And then I started the business meetings with them on my second day in Germany… And it was as if someone had poured cold water on my head.

I forgot how well they looked because all I was now doing was straining my ears too hard to understand these Europeans through their thick English accents. I had come for business expansion in Europe, to make local product launch and distribution deals.

Even if I ignored their thick English accents, poor grammar, it was impossible to do business with them without understanding their business portfolios, their knowledge of the market, their expectations from our business deal, their thought process, their ideas on the product.

All those businesses – some of which were run by really courageous people – could have grabbed this amazing business opportunity and expanded their power. Some of those managers extended personal hospitality to me – offering to show me around in Florence (Italy), arranging my stay in Frankfurt etc because they really wanted the business.

However ultimately, I took forward the deals with businesses with whom I could talk – businesses that could communicate with me in my language. It was better to choose a smaller company with which I could talk rather a big company with whom I couldn’t easily talk – I have to be able to talk to all my local business contacts. It’s that simple.

Thing is – any international client will judge you at multiple levels:

On your power. Not the physical one. But that of your personality.

In speech.

In perspective.

In tone.

In the freshness.

In the advantage over locals.

What lets people appreciate you and build great connection with you is your excellent ability to communicate; to talk; to be loosened up, free and open to everyone you meet in the market – everyone from your prospective customers to your potential clients to collaborators to industry people.

 I am available to train your business teams, or professionals. You can request an appointment with me by selecting a time here or you can write to me at

So here’s what you must learn to do:

Win them.

Bring in the freshness.

Bring in the knowledge from different markets.

Bring in the guts.

And there are ways you can say this all – without saying them blatantly.


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