English doesn’t have to be to so frustrating when it’s your second language (and is also your business language!)

English doesn’t have to be to so frustrating when it’s your second language (and is also your business language!)

Have you ever felt frustrated that you cannot tell other people, your boss or a new professional contact you meet, about how genuine you are? …how you really appreciate your own work? …and what all you want to accomplish..what your dreams and aspirations are..? This even happens at job interviews where you struggle to let the interviewer know how well-meaning you are, and that your CV is not enough! That you are more than just your CV!?


One problem non-native English speakers face is that when they speak in English, it just doesn’t sound as smooth and influential as when a native speaker says it, even when both of them are explaining the exact same thing.

Consider the difference between two simple phrases like: gender equality and encouraging men to trust women to handle more responsibility.

(We’ll come back to them later)

Suaveness in language is what gets people to pay attention to you, to listen to you, and to eventually respect you.

Most non-native English speakers end up doing meetings and writing emails in which they consciously try to use more difficult words (by referring to the Thesaurus specially when they are writing emails and messages!) but still none of it seems to work. The expressiveness non-native English speakers find easy in their mother tongues does not come to them in English.

You would have taken English lessons. You took them in school. You took them in the university. You keep educating yourself since you started your career (through the internet, newspapers etc)

But you still struggle with it. I know that. You can be honest with me. 🙂


You need someone to drill you in how to use those reservoirs of your brain and generate the English language through which you can be a professional of a global level so you can work anywhere, handle customers and projects from any part of the world and fearlessly travel for business anywhere.

This drilling will up your level. It will make it easier for you to see and USE the difference between an ordinary phrase like, gender equality and a phrase like, encouraging men to trust women to handle more responsibility.

The second phrase is not about more words. It is not about using heavier words. No word in the second phrase is heavy.

It is about using words that create the exact practical meaning you want. To inspire and communicate exactly what you have in mind. To even give a practical framework of what you’re thinking.


It requires extreme precision.

It requires patience and practice.

It requires a professional drill.

Mastering a skill like language is a great investment in your career. It really dissolves all the boundaries in the world. You can go anywhere, work anywhere, make friends everywhere, try out weird new possibilities in different places with different people.

(It also makes dating so much easier!) 😉

I am available to train business teams, and individual professionals. You can request an appointment with me by selecting a time here https://reemasinghal.youcanbook.me/ or you can write to me at reemasinghal2005@gmail.com


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