Your Products Don’t Inspire Sales on Their Own

Your Products Don’t Inspire Sales on Their Own

Look at your life and notice what makes all of these aspects great (or alternatively, insufferable):

  • Your friendship with your best friend
  • The excellence of your customers’ happiness
  • Your mentorship quality with your mentor
  • Your relationship with your best employee

Investors do not invest in the venture, they invest in the people behind the venture. What if those people behind the venture did not know how to inspire with their thoughts, motivations, problems, passions, ideas?

Your CV does not “speak for you”, just like it does not make you unique and “instantly likeable”.

Even a Harvard MBA isn’t rare and enough in itself. There are 1000s of them out there.

And your product? Your product or solution might be great but it will “sell itself”? Is wishful thinking that shoots you right in your hard-worked foot.

This is 2015 and no single product is truly unique. Even if your product is so rare that it has no direct competitors, you are sure to have some tactical competition or substitutes.

So what is it that would make your business stand out now?

It’s you.

What lets people appreciate you and build great connection with you is your excellent ability to communicate; to talk; to be loosened up, free and open to everyone you meet in the market – everyone from your prospective customers to your potential clients to collaborators to industry people.

How much do you truly understand my point?

I am available to train your business teams, or professionals. You can request an appointment with me by selecting a time here or you can write to me at

I’m Reema and I first came to Europe on a business trip to Germany. I was the International Marketing Manager for an Indian start-up and was setting up their business across different countries in Europe.

Europe was exactly as I had imagined it would be – astoundingly beautiful, the cold winds (which was quite a relief from the hellfire pit that New Delhi is!), the aroma of coffee everywhere (which gave me a break from the tea-drinking north India), it was almost magical. I was in love with all those pretty high-heeled women and good-looking men. I imagined they would be blazingly smart and terrifyingly good at doing business… I was almost intimidated.

And then I started the business meetings with them on my second day in Germany, and it was as if someone had poured cold water on my head.

I forgot how well they looked because all I was now doing was straining my ears too hard to understand these Europeans through their thick English accents. I had come for business expansion in Europe, to make local product launch and distribution deals.

Even if I ignored their thick English accents, poor grammar, it was impossible to do business with them without understanding their business portfolios, their knowledge of the market, their expectations from our business deal, their thought process, their ideas on the product.

All those businesses – some of which were run by really courageous people – could have grabbed this amazing business opportunity and expanded their power. Some of those managers extended personal hospitality to me – offering to show me around in Florence (Italy), arranging my stay in Frankfurt etc because they really wanted the business.

However ultimately, I took forward the deals with businesses with whom I could talk – businesses that could communicate with me in my language. It was better to choose a smaller company with which I could talk rather a big company with whom I couldn’t easily talk – I have to be able to talk to all my local business contacts. It’s that simple.

Ask yourself: How many opportunities you have or could in the future lose.

This limitation of language of Europe is not funny. It’s a big, fat, terrible cap on how much businesses here can grow and create an impact, specially beyond their country’s borders. It’s what makes people choose one company over the other & one professional over another.

It’s what made me not sign a deal with a French eBook platform. It’s what made me not renew the term contract with an Italian publisher & distributor. It’s what made me pay 10% out of a Hungarian and Polish deal as commission to their London-based agent.

And if you think it was just me, you’re making your second mistake. (You realize what the first mistake is, right?)

Understand it this way–

Your ability to use the right language, the most impactful words that make people feel good is the key to people believing you and in you.

Pro-Tip: Faking an American or British accent only bares open the façade much faster.

Your words about you & your business define how much other businesses, potential clients, media people will understand about you and your inspiration, what they will believe you are capable of, how they will realize your business can be great for them, whether they will or will not talk about your business with their friends. It’s all about how you communicate.

When I was living in Poland in 2013, men would talk to me only once they were drunk. And women would talk to me once they were done ogling. They were not bad people; just too inconfident to talk to me – you see, it was expected for them to talk to me in English more than I was expected to speak Polish in Poland. You recognise the importance of English?

In Poland, I started renting out my language expertise to ambitious professionals from Groupon, Samsung, IBM, Wolters Kluwer, Woonga, private consultants, government lawyers by training them in English. In the middle of 2014, I moved to Berlin and trained media professionals, architecture consultants etc in English.

Background in marketing taught me that any growing company needs these 2 elements and they must start with at least one.

– Content marketing

– Offline marketing which needs their team to actually be able to talk to people from different cultures and connect at the level where they start understanding the customers’ fears, challenges, expectations…

I am a language consultant for advanced training of non-native English speaking professionals so that I can equip business owners and business teams to handle people-to-people connections in English.

How can you sell unless you can talk?

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I am available to train your business teams, or professionals. You can request an appointment with me by selecting a time here or you can write to me at


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