4. Do this when people don’t respond to your emails

4. Do this when people don’t respond to your emails

You write an email to a prospective customer with an offer or to some industry peer for a collab offer or to an HR manager with your job application….


you wait.

And you wait

And you wait some more.


…you don’t get a reply. ***** Neeever. Eeever.

Not even a negative answer that might tell us to take our schoomzie face someplace else.

All of us have faced this in our lives.

A negative answer will do two things:

  • break your heart… into a million pieces?

  • save your future time which you might have wasted in calling them again or writing to them again.

When you’re in business or searching for a job or searching for new customers, this happens very often. Much too often. 

Most people just take this no-reply behavior as their fate and do nothing.

I say you could write to them and tell them to at least give you a clear answer (specially if you had spoken to them before sending the mail) – they may want to delay their decision, or they may want more information, or they simply may need more time or they may not be interested…but at least, they should answer.

Mind you, I’m not talking about spamming. If you spam people, don’t expect an answer. But when you write a well thought-out personal email with some meaningful matter in it.

This email got a 100% response rate when I tried it for a client of mine, so I’m pretty sure this may work for you too. 

Hello <name>,

I had sent a mail to you a few days ago. You and I had a discussion previously on the subject of _______.
I shared with you how my team can do _______ for you. I really want to enter the _____ market / work with you on this project.
But I haven’t heard from you. I understand if you’re not interested or are too busy at the moment but I’ll really appreciate if you can let me know so. It will put me in a much better position. All of our time is valuable since all of us want to create value for our customers and for ourselves.
While I would have been happy to work with you, if you have any doubts about our work or do not wish to continue, I’ll appreciate a mail from you in that regard.
Otherwise, I’m always available for a call.
My best,

So, what do you think? Have you faced situations like this? Shoot your thoughts here below. It will help me create more useful content for you in the future 🙂


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