2. Sending Follow Up Emails

2. Sending Follow Up Emails

Did you try out the ideas I gave you in the phone call post? Let me know how it worked, use the comments below.

Every time you put down the first phone call with that customer who could buy from you, the first two things you do are:

  1. Raise your hands up in the air, jump and squeal with joy
  2. Want to run to that customer and make him buy RIGHT NOW

Doing this does not make you cheap or greedy. It makes you cute and ambitious. Unless you’re selling them something which is not worth the value. In that case we are not friends.

So now after you have successfully spoken to a potential customer and they know that you are credible and trustworthy, you could send them a follow-up email.

One rule: Please don’t just follow up for the heck of following up.

The purpose of writing an email after a phone call is to take the discussion forward. If some questions rose up during your talk, write the answers to those in your mail. If you need your prospect to get back to you with some information so you can design the package for them, send them those questions. Schedule another call. Send them the next one or two steps. Customers need to be guided. Don’t expect them to guide you. They don’t know – they are just wide-eyed wondered deer who need you to help them with their problem. So do it.

Sounding too sugary sweet is not real. Don’t sound like you will pluck the stars for them. Because you won’t.

It was very nice / delightful talking to you right now.


I hope you’re doing well.


Dear X,



We hope to live up to your expectations.

Duh. These kind of sentences in emails are so boring and fake.

They sound more stupid than nice.

They are not even taken seriously anymore because everyone knows you don’t mean them.

Get down to business. Sound polite, pleasant but not a puppy who is ready to lick them all over. Every email should take the business forward. Simple and straight are the best, always.


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