How to Talk to Potential Business Clients on Phone: 23 Sentences You Can Say to Clients on a Phone Call

How to Talk to Potential Business Clients on Phone: 23 Sentences You Can Say to Clients on a Phone Call

To be a successful business owner or a marketing professional or a sales person, the first thing you need to be good at is convincing people. Your customers, your potential customers (prospects) have to, MUST, trust you before they agree to do business with you and pay you their money.

It’s obvious.

It’s a rule of business.

It’s the first rule of any business. You have to convince your customers that they can trust you with their money and their time.

What is the first rule of convincing someone and winning their trust?


Speaking to them, their heart and their soul in their own language. The language they think in. The language they understand.

How would you feel when a service provider said any of these below sentences to you?

If you’re a German speaker and someone says that to you – Ich wundere wann wir können unterschreiben einen Vertrag

If you’re a French speaker and someone says that to you – Nous n’avons pas toujours décidé.

If you’re a Polish speaker and someone says that to you – Dzisiaj poszłem do pracy.

Would you be comfortable? Would you even respect him? Wouldn’t you snigger at him a bit after you put down the phone?

Many of you would say something like this in English, “I am wonder when we sign a contract?”

Say that to a potential client on the phone and 8 out of 10 will not sign the contract with you if they are English speakers. [The correct version is, “I wonder when we could sign a contract?”]

In my continuous attempt in my training my clients personally as well as through this blog, in reaching out to all of you my lovely readers, I am giving some sentences below which could be really handy for you when talking to a potential client. Here goes and all the best growing your businesses, your careers and your lives. Endless love – Reema

I’m glad we could connect on the phone. It’s always nice to talk in person.

Yes, we are a team of ____ members.

I could email the contract to you so you can get an idea of our payment policies. Of course, if you have anything to say about them once you’ve read them, we can always discuss them out on email or on the phone.

I will send over the package amount to you over the email. 50% of it is to be paid upfront, as we sign the contract, and the remaining 50% once half of the project is mutually agreed to be complete.

Yes, we will send you monthly reports of the progress we’re making on the project, so that we can all closely monitor it.

I would appreciate if you can inform me at least a day before you want to reschedule our meeting.

We could of course meet in person or on Skype some time next week when I have prepared a plan for you.

No, it’s difficult for me to allow more than 2 rounds of revision on the work. You see we will already be working on your initially given brief, so we expect that you will have thought out the ideas thoroughly before my team starts working it.

Yes, I can do more than 2 rounds of revision but every subsequent revision, after the first 2 rounds, will be charged at 20% of the total invoice amount.

No, we cannot begin the work unless we receive the payment. You see, it’s a big risk for me to invest my resources on this unless I receive a payment from you first.

Yes, I will be happy to send you the contact details of some of our previous clients. They were happy with our work and I am sure they will be happy to share their experience with you.

We will have limited staff working during the next week’s holiday season. So yes, we can work on your requests at the time but keep in mind that it might take a bit longer time than it does usually, and services provided at the time are going to be charged higher than the normal rates by 15%.

Yes, I will be happy to speak to your manager and explain our services to him.

I am not sure about this. Could you give me 2 hours’ time and I will get back to you with an answer on this?

We are currently offering a discount to our new customers from your region. But I can offer this to you only until ____[date]___

I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Yes, that part of the work is always challenging but we have quite a bit of experience in that so I can assure you with confidence that we are perfectly capable of managing this responsibility.

Why don’t you speak to your team and compile all your needs and expectations and then we can go over it and I will be happy to answer all your questions. How does that sound?

I will be your contact person for this. You can send me a mail anytime and we can decide a time to connect.

I will be happy to open a test account for you so you and your team can actually experience using it first hand. That would be the best way for you to realize how useful our tool is.

We haven’t done any exactly the kind of work you need us to do but I know we have the expertise and skill set, so I’m very excited to take up this challenge and see if I can delight you.

Yes, I will be happy to mail over some samples of my/our previous work to you. You will see they are enough to give you a good idea of our capabilities. But I’m afraid I cannot specially design a sample for you because it takes too much time and I don’t see the need for it given our already existing set of previous samples.

We do cover that service in the package I’m offering. It also has other services like ____ which I can see will be very good for you. Else, to reduce your costs, I can recommend this other package of ours to you.

If you have any questions about some sentence you’re struggling with, leave a comment below. I will give you the correct way to say it in English.

Watch out for the next post in this series: HOW TO FOLLOW UP ON EMAIL AFTER THE FIRST PHONE CALL


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