English for Marketing

English for Marketing

When you pay for this, what you get is a team that knows more about where its activities stand in the world.. Didn’t get me?


This training develops your marketing team into a bunch of guys who

  • can access more literature on marketing and can actually understand what’s implied there
  • can actually debate and argue it’s thoughts and justify its ideas
  • explain its concepts
  • use language as a rapier
  • establish your brand in new countries
  • establish business channels in new markets

and that isn’t enough, obviously.

I’m the trainer who’s had 7 years’ of experience in International Marketing..worked on high-end literature with Philip Kotler, Jagdish Sheth and more (don’t wanna drop names).

To give you a small peek into how I do English for Marketing trainings — I may or may not use material from the likes of Dan Kennedy in a session or two..or more 🙂

Don’t know who Dan Kennedy is? Awww… and you thought what would Reema know about marketing. Ha.

Last two words. Try me.


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