Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Guys, sponsoring a child is different from adopting a child (the latter being a more serious commitment).

I know it may sound shallow and trendy but really, the next time you watch a World War movie or watch news about Sudan and say to your friend, ‘God, what kinda horrible people do all these kind of things! Gosh!’ … remember that your talking is not going to help.

If you really do care, do something about it. The simplest is sponsoring a child.

While I’m not holding you guilty if you don’t want to do it, I’m just putting this option in front of you if it resonates with you.

Sponsoring a child could help you make the world a smaller and better place. It’s a great way of guiding a little unfortunate someone into a beautiful adulthood – which is a better tomorrow.

Here are some links to organizations you can contact to take this awesome step.

Forgiven Kids of Africa —http://www.forgivenkidsofafrica.com/

Africa Kids — http://www.africakids.org

Or, take a lovely holiday to Tanzania and spend time with the nature, animals and lovely people there. Get yourself moving, you people, get out of your houses and DO something AMAZING! Check out volunteer options with  Project Overland — http://www.projectsoverland.org

(If you contact these organizations, please follow through all the legal stuff yourself. I don’t hold any liability.)

P.S: If the English of this post is too complicated for you, please feel free to contact me directly and let me know about it. 🙂


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