Speaking Well Matters

Speaking Well Matters

People will NOT listen to you if you fumble while speaking, or if you cannot express your thoughts with the right words, or if you forget the vocabulary a lot while speaking (and in this case, we are only talking about English because like it or not, that’s the language of the world, people!)

If only the content of a speech was the only thing that mattered, we would all watch videos of Particle Physics and Theory of Relativity on YouTube in our free time! We would all swoon over Physics and History professors.

But we don’t. You know why?

(I’m not saying the guys in these videos don’t speak well, they do. I explain my point further below)

I hate to use this example but since most of you will easily understand my point with this example, I will use it, for your sake (because I love you, all you visitors at Project SHE) 🙂

Have you ever watched a Steve Jobs presentation?

What makes his presentations remarkable?

Maybe, the way he speaks…

Maybe, also the way he delivers the message…

Or maybe also the way he unfolds the story…

Or it could be his confident body language?

Maybe all of this?

The point is you could be telling everyone a love story between Hillary Clinton and a unicorn, but the way you speak it, the way you deliver it, makes all the difference.

Inspiring leaders inspire us because they move something within us. They GET that feeling that is deep within us. They are able to touch us in those dark insecure areas of our soul which are important to us.

People will listen to you if you’re  smart, confident, use the right words that they can understand, AND THAT’S HOW YOU’LL BE A GOOD PROFESSIONAL, AN INSPIRING LEADER, A GOOD TEACHER, ANYTHING.

Scared of English? Take the Intensive Business English Course and speak magically in 1-3 weeks.

Cause a sensation at your business meetings, sweep that guy off his feet, easily connect with new people.

Much love to you all,


Written from a cafe in Warsaw


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