How it Started

How it Started

…is  beautiful story,

The idea came to me not very long ago.

And without thinking much (without all those MBA-style analysis on excel sheets and google trend checking etc) I just discussed with a friend about Project She and jumped straight into it. 🙂

How the idea came…

I came to Europe a year ago. I came to Poland. I am from India where I had lived all my life. I grew sick of India. I itched to do a LOT more. I ached to see the world. To meet people from different parts of the world, different languages, different countries, different cultures.

And here I came. Took a random flight to Warsaw. I knew no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, here.

Like an insane person, I just took the flight.

And came to this country. I don’t speak Polish. I had no Polish friends.

I just had dreams.

And guess what I think about that decision after one year?



I made so many precious friends here. Polish boys and girls. Amazing people.

And I saw in them the same thirst I felt a year ago, when I was longing to break the shackles of India and fly away.

My Polish friends too wanted to ‘go out’, explore and see the world. But guess what.. they were not good at English.

And you can’t survive the world with only Polish. (or German…or Czech…or Hungarian..or French..?) Do you realize how limited your options get in this world with a language that’s spoken hardly anywhere else?

To help them I started teaching them English and as my network of friends grew, I saw every European feeling the same thirst to adventure beyond their country but was limited by language.

A lack of language also hurt their self-esteem.

(Many Polish guys could talk to me only when they were drunk) 🙂

Hence, I decided to do this for European people. You deserve to challenge your boundaries. You deserve to grow. You deserve to adventure. You deserve more friends.

Learn English. Grow your Self Esteem.


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