Hi, I’m Reema

Hi, I’m Reema

I’ve spent so many years of my life working with language and expression: writing, speaking, training, presenting. And here’s what I know:

Your words and how you use them are a weapon. Your weapon.

I help small businesses use language to get what they want:
Early adopters?
A story that sticks?

Specifically, I do:
Your pitch to inspire investors
Your pitch to seduce customers
Presentation & language training

Why do I do this?
So that…

You never sit late in your office… writing, deleting, googling every single word of your business pitch because you want to make sure THEY GET IT! Because…
When investors just don’t get what you really are doing? It’s terrible.
When customers listen to your entire pitch or your website and ask “Sooo what exactly do you do?It sucks.

It’s a pleasure to have clients with whom I can share respectful and fun work experiences. Therefore, I work with entrepreneurs and youthful professionals – men/women who itch to be more than who they are.

I have trained pilots from Lot Airlines, lawyers, marketing professionals, theatre artists, school teachers, professionals from Groupon, Wonga, Wolters Kluwer, IBM etc.

Hi-five to ALL of US!

To get my past client references, write to me


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