Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals

On a particularly boring afternoon in the office, when I had just returned from a heavy Pizza lunch in the soporific warm afternoon of late summer in Berlin, I was sitting slumped in my big soft comfortable chair and feeling uncontrollably drowsy.

With my manager sitting on the opposite side of me at the big white table, and working at an aggressively high speed at his computer, I had to do something to look awake and working.

So I was looking for something interesting to read on the internet and I came across my old favourite — reading about successful entrepreneurs of my age.

This always works. It raises me up from sleep. At least for a few seconds it disturbs me enough to look down at my tattered jeans and compare myself with their $100 million annual incomes and think what the hell should I do to raise my level of life and earn a furiously high amount of money.

There are many regrets from the dumped projects of the past. Ideas that I had started but left midway. Jobs that I had started but slowly let my motivation fizzle out.

Only if I focus more on Project SHE.

Only if I teach more people.

Only if I ghost write more books.

Only if…


There is still time. The story is not over till I’m breathing.

What are your dreams and goals? What motivates you?

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