Classes on Demand

Classes on Demand

I enjoy making you better at English. Take advantage of my experience as a native English speaker who has spent years in publishing, writing and teaching English after getting a Masters and Bachelors degree in English Literature.

I love to teach one-on-one, I love to connect with you, understand what’s holding you back and develop your skills at becoming more fluent and confident at English.

Never hesitate to ask me any question you might have about my English classes. They are made for you. Take a look at the different kinds of ways I teach and tell me which one you think would be the best for you:

  1. Full Immersion Course — it’s an intensive 1-3 weeks course so that you learn English quickly and don’t have to take classes for many months.

  2.  Business English 

  3. Conversational / Communicative English

  4. Creative Writing

  5. Public Speaking


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