Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

My first question to you, and the most important one — DO YOU HAVE A GOAL/DREAM? Any goal? Long term..short term? Financial..personal…any kind of a dream?

It could be anything — buying a house, becoming a swimming instructor, losing weight, getting your dream job, buying a dog, anything that makes your life happier and more fulfilled 🙂

If not, you’re in trouble. I’m upset with you. (Go to our Improve section and get a goal..puh-lease, girls!)

What is life without a goal, seriously? Are you a cow — roaming around fields aimlessly and chewing grass mindlessly with no dreams in your eyes?

Now, if you do have a goal, congratulations!

My next questions are tougher… Ready for them? Answer below…

I’ll get in touch with you.. and trust me, I’m keeping your information as safe as I keep myself from AIDS…

The reason I’m asking you this is that I will make sure to help you reach your goals.. I will be your ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY.

An accountability buddy is a person who keeps a check on your progress towards your goal. So when I will be your accountability buddy, you will tell me your goal –> we will break it down into weekly steps –> you will report to me your progress on each week’s steps –> I will check and ensure you are doing the work well, and if not, you’re in serious trouble! 🙂

So let’s run towards your dreams, girls… Be a woman with dreams. Don’t be a cow!



Written from Berlin




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