Business English

Business English

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I’ll be honest. I judge people.

And so do most people.

If I’m approached by a sales guy or a business person or if I have to work with someone who speaks lousy English, some part of my trust in them fizzles out.

Because if you need English at work, and you never bothered to learn it well, I will think either you’re a dazzling genius or you’re just lazy.

And geniuses are few and far between.

When people speak well, they win confidence.

Good English helps you express your ideas correctly.

And therefore, influence people.

I will teach you how to…
  • Do cool, friendly talk with your business contacts in English — in a meeting, on the phone and over email…
Also, I will make you great at:
  • Reading, understanding and correctly replying to business emails and memos. You and I will exchange emails to make you practise business emails hands-on.
  • We watch / read & discuss articles from your field of business.
After learning from me, you’ll be:
  • Speaking absolutely, marvellously, delightfully fluent English.
  • Making Business Presentations
  • Hosting meetings, writing professional notes.
  • Lessons on grammar structure (trust me, I try to spice this up as much as possible)
  • Lessons on phrasal structures & thorough practice

Finally: After making sure you’re good now, I present you proudly to the world. Go ahead and dazzle it, my babies 🙂


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