The ‘W’ in Winning: Exclusive Workshop for Women on Speaking, Selling & Pitching in Business

The ‘W’ in Winning: Exclusive Workshop for Women on Speaking, Selling & Pitching in Business

Alright, these skills will work for you in life too, not just in business!
(even for manipulating a boyfriend!) ūüėČ

How can that be, you ask?

You see, our words are very very crucial. They really are the only way to connect with other people, let them know your thoughts, your intentions, your desires – because, your eyes and “body language” can never do it all.


What you speak and how you speak determines how people feel about you, how much they trust you, how confident they feel about working with you, how much they respect/appreciate/admire you.

You simply can’t hope that “your work will speak for itself” because the busy people won’t look at your work unless you grab their attention, win their interest and make them check out your product. AND THAT HAPPENS WITH YOUR SPEAKING SKILLS.

So, here’s how I am contributing to your success, ladies – go ahead, check this out!

I made this with all my love and I know it will contribute to your success!

Let me know if you’ve got any questions.
See you there!
Hi, I’m Reema

Hi, I’m Reema

I’ve spent so many years of my life working with language and expression: writing, speaking, training, presenting.¬†And here’s what I know:

Your words and how you use them are a weapon. Your weapon.

I help small businesses use language to get what they want:
Early adopters?
A story that sticks?

Specifically, I do:
Your pitch to inspire investors
Your pitch to seduce customers
Presentation & language training

Why do I do this?
So that…

You never sit late in your office… writing, deleting, googling every single word of your business pitch because you want to make sure THEY GET IT! Because…
When investors just don’t get what you really are doing? It’s terrible.
When customers listen to your entire pitch or your website and ask “Sooo what exactly do you do?It sucks.

It’s a pleasure to have clients with whom I can share respectful and fun work experiences.¬†Therefore, I work with¬†entrepreneurs¬†and youthful¬†professionals – men/women who itch to be more than who they are.

I have trained pilots from Lot Airlines, lawyers, marketing professionals, theatre artists, school teachers, professionals from Groupon, Wonga, Wolters Kluwer, IBM etc.

Hi-five to ALL of US!

To get my past client references, write to me

Tell Your Story: Believe Me, It IS Interesting

Tell Your Story: Believe Me, It IS Interesting

So how do you dig out the interesting parts in a story that on top of it seems very general, rather boring, and nothing special?

I mean, look at something like printed socks.

Now, it is a valid question that how the fuck do you talk about it in a way that people actually listen to? Right?

I mean, who the hell wants to listen to anything on good prints on bloody socks?

And how do get them excited to buy your cool printed socks?

So that’s the challenge now – how do you dig out interesting stuff in this?

What the first instinct would tell you to do is talk about how prints are beautiful, how fascinated you have always been with creating prints, how well-received your stuff is everywhere else in the market, etc.

This is good.

Is it memorable, though?

Will this be exactly what someone else, who sells handmade cosmetics, also say?

There’s a fair chance, yes.

So you see, this is generic. This is what first instincts do for everyone.

So, think further.


This is not a life-or-death product. This is not a check-your-diabetes-at-home product. Most people can easily live without prints on socks.


Now these people don’t stay awake at night wanting prints on their socks. Obviously not, right? So they don’t know that they want your product. And therein lies your challenge to tell a cool story that they will love.

So what can you do?

Since, they don’t need it, why would someone want prints on their socks?

Chances are, because they don’t like boring stuff.

Chances are, they have certain tastes and would be excited to have it even on their socks!

And now this someoneness of these people needs to be captured in your story. And as soon as they see themselves in your words, they are likely to be interested in what you have to say.

And then, they are likely to remember you.

So now your story needs to be crafted in a way that works as a mirror for your audience, where they feel like they belong.

And now your story becomes interesting.

Because prints on socks might not be interesting but the person who might like them certainly is.